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Getting Married In Cyprus

Imagine for a moment a perfect sandy beach, the deep blue Mediterranean Sea and a warm breeze gently blowing. If this sounds like the greatest romantic setting you can think of for the most important day of your life – then Cyprus is where you should be getting married.

Lying on the fault lines of east and west, the picturesque landscape of Cyprus will capture your heart in more ways than one. Said to be the ‘Island of Love’, this destination holds a rich history that adds to the character of this popular wedding and honeymoon destination. Cyprus is known in mythology as the birth place of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and procreation.

More and more people are coming to Cyprus to get married and to create memories that will last a lifetime. With breath taking scenery, glorious sunshine, deep blue sea, charming hospitality, history and culture… as a wedding location Cyprus has it all!

With much more predictable weather and the average wedding being around £10,000 cheaper than the standard UK based wedding it’s not hard to understand why so many British and Irish couples are heading to the most easterly point of Europe to tie the knot.

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I have photographed hundreds of stunning weddings here in Cyprus and I can tell you that most couples getting married in Cyprus at some point tell me that they want to stay and live here.

However, some people are put off getting married in Cyprus by the red tape and complexities of arranging such an important day from 2000 miles away. Common worries are ‘will the suppliers turn up’, ‘what if the marriage isn’t legally valid back in the UK’ etc. I have written this book to put your mind at rest, give you a few pointers of how to make your day as memorable as possible and also gently guide you away from some common mistakes made by couples arranging a wedding from a distance.

Getting Married In Cyprus

Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding On The Island of Love.
However, planning this special day from a distance can be a little stressful at times. For example how do you know that you are getting reliable suppliers and what legal paperwork needs to be completed to ensure your wedding is formally recognized back home in the UK or Ireland?

Preparing the paperwork
kindleSelecting the venue
Working with wedding planners or going solo
Picking your perfect wedding cake
Finding your wedding photographer
7 common mistakes that you must avoid
How to get the wedding of your dreams on a budget
And much more…

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