10 Years of Cyprus Wedding Photography


2017 Is my 10th Year Shooting Weddings in Cyprus

Cyprus Wedding PhotographerWeddings are a unique social event. While the process of what is happening remains the same, no two weddings are the same.

It was 2007 that I first started shooing weddings on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

Being a wedding photographer gives you a very special level of access to the whole wedding day experience.

We get to see it all! We see the planning and preparations, we see the little things that don’t go to plan and need a last minute decision (it happens).

We see the nerves and shaking hands and we see the moment when it all comes together,

It’s crazy but despite being the photographer for hundreds of couples over the last decade – I still see something new with every Cyprus wedding I cover.

Yesterday I was delighted to be the photographer for the wedding of Leticia and Scott. A beautiful day with guests from all over the world (as the bride is Brazilian).

The old problem of ensuring the groom doesn’t see the bride before the ceremony came up.

The groom needed to go to the brides room!

Despite the screams of ‘well he can’t – he’s not allowed’ we found a solution.

I have never seen a blind folded groom being lead around a holiday resort before.

Weddings here are always fun… because people are unique and so is their big day!

Thank you for 10 amazing years


Craig Beck

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