2016 here we come

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Wow it’s September already – this year has been amazing. Some really beautiful weddings and some really lovely people. This is the first year that I took August off – it gets crazy hot in Cyprus at this time of year and every year I wish I had been kinder to myself. This year I went traveling to London, San Francisco and Texas – loved it – although Texas is about the same temperature as Cyprus in August (bad planning on my part).

Two more months of the 2015 wedding season to go then Cyprus almost shuts down for the winter. Next month all the locals will start wearing jeans and coats again (regardless of the temperature) and we start planning the 2016 adventure.

Congrats to Lyndsey & Mitchell who booked for July 2016 last night – their place in the calendar takes availability to something like this:

  • 2016: 98% booked out
  • 2017: 80% booked out

Best Wishes


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