Best Time Of Year To Get Married In Cyprus



Getting Married In CyprusThe Cyprus wedding season generally runs from April to October. In my opinion May, June, September & Early October are the best times of year to get married.

April is a gamble, we can still get quite a few rainy days in this month and you don’t want to fly all your guests to a destination wedding to have everyone huddled in the hotel bar because the heavens have opened.

July & August are also an option but only if you and your guests can cope with the extreme heat of this time of year. Temperatures at the peak of summer often nudge forty degrees, you have to think about how that will effect your make up, hair and flowers not to mention any elderly guests you might have attending.

Best time of day to get married?

Your chosen hotel may only be able to accommodate your wedding at a specific time decided by them. The wedding registrars in Cyprus are very busy during the summer months and will often perform six or seven ceremonies per day, your hotel or wedding planner will have to work with the diary of the local registrar to offer you a time.

If you have a specific time of day that you want, you may have to be a little flexible on the date. Ceremony times offered will range from 11am to 5pm.

In my experience the best time of day to get married in Cyprus is around 3pm. Before 2pm means you have the harshness and intensity of the sun to deal with (the sun is directly overhead and very hot at this time of day), plus you have to consider if you are going to be able to keep all your guests comfortable and entertained in their wedding attire all day until your wedding meal in the evening.

Ceremony’s after 4pm are cooler but can be a little rushed at times as you have a limited amount of daylight available to get all your photographs taken etc.


Craig Beck

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

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