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Civil marriage in Cyprus advice

To get married in Cyprus you need to be in the country for at least three days before your wedding date. This will give you enough time to complete the Civil marriage in Cypruspaperwork required for the service.

Legal Requirements

  1. Passport: Full & valid for at least six months after the wedding.
  2. Proof of ID: Full birth certificate
  3. Divorced: A certified (by a legal notary) decree absolute. This certificate must have the coloured court stamp (not a photocopy).
  4. Widowed: A notarised death certificate must be presented.
  5. Name Changed: If you have changed your name by deed poll you must bring the original stamped document.
  6. Adoption: If you are adopted you must present your adoption certificate.
  7. Age Restriction: If you are under 18, written consent from your parent or guardian will be required.
  8. Religious Service: If you are having a Catholic or Anglican service you will also be required to provide baptism, christening or confirmation certificates. *
  • Civil marriage in Cyprus Tip: When I got married in Cyprus we originally wanted a Catholic service but ended up going with a civil service because we were not prepared for what was required. The priest in Cyprus wanted a letter from my fiancé’s local priest in Ireland to confirm she was free to marry in a catholic service. The red tape started to get in the way of what was supposed to be a special event and so we abandoned our plans for a religious service. If this is an important issue for you – make sure you have spoken to the priest here in Cyprus so you are clear about everything that you will be required to bring with you.


The Civil Service

Getting Married In CyprusThe wedding service in Cyprus will be usual held at a special area at your hotel. You also have the option of visiting the local town hall for the service.

However, I would advise against this. Aside from Paphos most town halls are entirely functional buildings rather than romantic locations to get married in. The wedding area designed by your hotel is likely to be overlooking the ocean and all in all and much more suitable location for your special moment.

The civil service in Cyprus is very quick, normally under ten minutes in duration. This is both a good and bad thing. When your guests are sitting in their finery in thirty-five degree heat you really don’t want an overly long service. However, I think that considering how much effort and planning has gone into this one special day the standard service is just slightly too quick.

Your wedding organiser is an expert in planning Cyprus dream weddings so don’t be afraid to ask if it would be okay for one of your guests to read a poem, say a few words or do a bible reading. Normally the registrar is happy for you to include this and I believe it adds a little extra magic to the day.

Considering a Civil marriage in Cyprus? This is a perfect island to get married – but plan it well!

A word of warning about timing… it may well be a tradition in the UK for the bride to be late and normally in Cyprus people are pretty laid back about time. However, when it comes to your civil service I would advise that you are all on time. The registrars’ here work very hard during the summer, often they will preside over six or seven weddings a day. They can’t afford to start late (and they won’t wait) because it impacts on all the remaining weddings they have that day.

Craig Beck is an award winning Cyprus Wedding Photographer based in Larnaca but covering weddings of distinction all over the island of love.

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