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Cyprus dream weddings need planning – I am a guy who attends upwards of fifty weddings a year and I have done for the last decade. I have seen a lot of things in my time and I have also noticed some recurring problems that are easily avoided:

cyprus dream weddingsThe major thing I have noticed about the British and Irish who come to Cyprus to get married is we are far too polite and don’t complain enough. The Cypriots are lovely people and they can’t do enough for you.

Life here is super chilled out and nobody is really in a rush to do anything. There is a beautiful attitude of shrugging in the face of misfortune – this is a great approach to life in general but perhaps a wedding needs a little more focus and attention to detail than that.

As a result and all too often I see couples biting their tong and putting up with things that they are not entirely happy with because they don’t want to be rude or ‘cause a scene’. This is your wedding, you will do it only once – don’t be afraid to speak up if there is something wrong. Even if it’s just that the flowers are in the wrong place – if you don’t say anything then it won’t get fixed!

The Stag Do:

Getting married in Cyprus is different because you are also on holiday. I always meet my wedding clients a few days before the big day and I always advise them not to do the stag do the night before the wedding. Thankfully most couples agree with me that this would be a terrible idea.

However, every year perhaps three or four grooms insist on the last night of freedom stag do, but they assure me they won’t go crazy. I have shot grooms with varying degrees of alcohol poisoning and I can tell you it is never a good look.

At one wedding in Paphos a few years ago they had to stop the service while the groom threw up into a bucket – nice!

Children & babies:

Lots of couples have young children with them at their wedding. I am not sure what it is, perhaps the heat and strangeness of the situation but quite often babies can get a bit freaked out at the wedding.

I see a lot of weddings where the bride and groom are trying to look lovingly into each other eyes while a screaming baby clings onto dad’s leg. It always good to agree in advance with someone that if needed they will swoop in a take the baby off for a little walk while mummy and daddy get married.

It’s only ten minutes of your life but it’s a really special ten minutes and nothing should spoil the moment.

Cyprus dream weddings – get your dream wedding, follow my tips & advice

Be present:

You will probably plan nothing more meticulously in your life. But on the day of your wedding don’t forget to switch from the role of a wedding planner to bride. A lot of brides are still stressing over the details of the actual day of their wedding and they almost miss the magical point of the day.

On the morning of your wedding forget about everything, if something doesn’t go 100% according to plan don’t let it ruin your day. Be Cypriot about it, shrug, smile and get on with getting married. Forget logistics; make sure the baton of responsibility has been firmly passed over to your bridesmaids and best man.

Your only job on your wedding day is to marry the man or woman of your dreams – that’s it!

Getting Married In CyprusLet go of perfection:

Every girl dreams of their wedding day and you probably have a very clear picture of your ‘perfect’ day. That’s great but don’t get too attached to that image of perfection. If you can only be happy if your wedding day is totally perfect you are missing the point of what you are doing and exposing yourself to a lot of pressure.

The Grooms Speech:

A tip for the groom here… forget about the boring requirements of the speech. Thanking everyone for attending and raising a glass to absent friends are important but your primary focus should be that beautiful woman who has just become your wife.

Don’t be shy, don’t worry about the audience – concentrate on your wife and let her know just how much you love her and how lucky you are to have found the perfect woman.

You can’t please everyone:

So aunty Betty is not happy that she is on the table with people she doesn’t like. Tough, Cyprus dream weddings are never about other people, only ever about the two of you. It is not your job to make sure everyone else is happy. Be two people in love – that’s all!

Communicate & be a couple:

It’s so easy during wedding planning to not take time to check in with each other and just get straight to wedding to-dos. Try to make sure that your relationship doesn’t become all about the wedding. You may feel like every time you see each other, you have wedding decisions to make and appointments to go to.

At the end of the day, brides planning Cyprus dream weddings should remember this is just one day in the lifetime of a marriage. It’s important to have a good foundation going into it.

Lastly, make sure to take little moments throughout the wedding day to savor everything—the emotion, the sights, the smells, the sounds. The wedding day goes by so quickly and before you know it, all of that planning is over.

Drink Water:

Cyprus dream weddings never include a trip to A&E. Cyprus is beautiful but it’s also a very hot country. You can get dehydrated very quickly – if I am your photographer you can count on me reminding you to drink water.

Dashing about in a wedding dress in forty-degree heat can make you feel really ill if you don’t keep your body hydrated. Oh and no, Champagne doesn’t count, drinking too much alcohol can also spoil your big day!

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