Cyprus Wedding Albums


Cyprus Wedding Albums


Stunning Cyprus Wedding Albums

wedding albumMy Cyprus wedding storybooks represent the perfect blend of the state of the art wedding albums and old world workmanship. These are the same custom designed books many entertainment stars have used to capture the beauty of their bespoke designer weddings.

Declared by bridal magazines to be the best albums in the world. Italian graphic designers will blend your wedding photos with cutting-edge graphics to create a priceless family heirloom.

Printed by Graphi Studios, Italy: Your pictures are printed directly onto the pages that are perfectly aligned using a unique patented binding system, transforming the album into a real book for a flat view of every page.

The cover of your book is personalised using a high quality printing process that prints the image directly and indelibly on the soft silk, or metal surfaces, along with your names.

Getting married in Cyprus with Craig Beck as your photographer means you get all the high resolution, fully colour corrected master images on disc at no extra cost. You have a full copyright license to print and reproduce the images as you see fit.

You don’t need to decide on an album now…  with my popular Disc Only Wedding Packages stunning Italian wedding albums can be added to your package later – there is no rush or pressure to decide. You get a full year to pick an album or not… the choice is completely yours.

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