Lee & Johnathan Wedding At Nissi Beach Resort

A stunning evening dress

There are of course thousands of hotels in Cyprus. It’s an island the size of Wales with the population of Bolton! So we probably have more hotels per capita than most other countries.

However, I would say there is only a handful that I genuinely love and look forward to shooting a wedding there.

On the east coast of Cyprus, the Nissi Beach Resort is definitely one of them.

Perfectly positioned overlooking one of the best beaches in the country, with stunning gardens and lovely staff. The Nissi Beach resort is an amazing place to get married.

They only conduct a maximum of 2 weddings a day. There are hotels around that routinely have 4 weddings a day – that means you will almost certainly see several other brides on your special day.

Some will not care about this and others will feel that it somewhat takes the spotlight off your big day too much!

nissi beach hotel weddings

Lee & Johnathan

Thank you to Lee and Johnathan for booking me to shoot their Nissi Beach Hotel wedding this year.

I had to write a quick blog post because while it is common for the bride to change into an evening dress. I don’t think I have ever seen one as beautiful (and different) as Lee’s

I have no more availability for 2018 but I am now taking bookings for 2019 and 2020.

If you are getting married at The Nissi Beach Hotel, I am in!

Craig Beck LSWPP

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