St Elias Gardens Wedding Venue

St Elias Gardens

St Elias Gardens

St Elias Gardens Wedding Venue – Protaras

St Elias Gardens is a beautiful outdoor wedding venue, a perfect setting for your big day in Protaras. Yesterday Jacalyn & Andrew got married at this wonderful location and it was my pleasure to be their photographer for the day.

The wedding itself was at the base of a dramatic cliff edge, on top of which is a traditional Greek Orthodox chapel. St Elias Gardens is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens which are always a perfect backdrop for your wedding photography.

St Elias is quite a famous monument in the Protaras area, and maybe while you are on holiday you may like to make time to climb the steps to see the views over Protaras.

St Elias Gardens Wedding Venue – Protaras

Yesterday as we approached the steps Andrew’s face dropped and he asked ‘you are not going to ask to climb up to the top are you’? Don’t worry I won’t be asking you to climb them on your wedding day, there are about 200 steps up to the top. Trust me, the day you are wearing a suit or a big wedding dress is not the day to go mountain climbing in the Cyprus sunshine.

An optional extra at this venue is to add unique trimmings to this wedding service location with voile, swags, silk flowers & fabric which enhances the area into a beautiful and romantic setting.

The additional benefit of getting married at an external venue like this is it give you a wider choice of hotels to spend your holiday in. For example the The Sunrise Pearl hotel is a stunning hotel on the Protaras strip but they don’t do weddings. So if you follow the example of Jacalyn and Andrew and go for a St Elias Gardens wedding then you can be a bit more objective with the rest of your wedding planning.

Craig Beck

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

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