Storybook wedding albums

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Storybook wedding albums

Storybook wedding albumsNot sure if you want a wedding album? Let me show you what I do and then you can make an informed decision. Firstly forget those old leather wedding albums of the past. The sort of thing your parents maybe had, where the photographs are stuck in with glue – one per page. I hate these stuffy old things and I have never offered them (and never will).

I have tried many designer wedding album producers over the years but I just keep coming back to the same company. Graphi Studios in Italy are without a shadow of a doubt the best storybook album producer in the world.

Watch the video above and I will show you the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every Graphi album. You can choose to add an album right from the get go with my Graphi Package or you can stick with the cheaper disc only package and add an album on later. I keep your files for two years so take your time (many couples add an album as an anniversary gift).

You can also add an array of extras to the album package, including parent albums and pocket books for users and bridesmaids etc.

The options are endless and I can talk you through them in more detail when we meet in Cyprus before your wedding. In the meantime, if you have any question about getting married in Cyprus or Cyprus wedding photography – just shout – I am here to help!


Craig Beck LSWPP

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

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