Airbrushing by Craig Beck

Stunning Cyprus Wedding Airbrushing

Wedding AirbrushingTaking the photographs is only half the story and only half the reason why couples book Craig Beck as their Cyprus wedding photographer.

Very few wedding photographers offer the level of post production, finishing and subtle wedding airbrushing that we do. For every hour Craig spends shooting your wedding he will spend several hours in the studio using Photoshop and other professional tools to turn your wedding photographs into bridal artwork.

Many wedding photographers either skip this vital step or let a computer programme run the process automatically and take a ‘best guess at it’.

Craig works on every image one by one to ensure the perfect colour, tonal range and effects are in play.

Get a pimple on the big day? Don’t worry it will never show up in the photographs.

Wedding Airbrushing is automatically included for all head and shoulder shots. Your images will also be lightly brushed to ensure even skin tones and perfect eyes.

If the stress of planning your big day brings you out with a pimple or two on the day of the wedding, rest assured they can all be removed in post production.

Craig can also remove many birthmarks and tattoos if required.

Wedding Airbrushing Tip: The only thing that doesn’t repair very well is sunburn – so slap on the factor 30 before the big day

Wedding Airbrushing

Wedding Airbrushing

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